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COMPLETE CARE RENEWAL EYE CRÈME: For Deep Hydration & Luminescence

 COMPLETE CARE RENEWAL EYE CRÈME: For Deep Hydration & Luminescence that is formulated for reducing dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness. Nutrient-rich, it has detoxifying and revitalizing properties, improving skin firmness and elasticity.

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5 Wonderful Skin Benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)

We all are becoming more conscious of beauty and hygiene. The rise in pollution and other harmful environmental factors, as well as unhealthy lifestyles, are the reasons for increasing the skin problems and leaving us nowhere but to become more conscious. This growing concern for healthy and perfect skin has left us to find an effective and essential option to maintain healthy and flawless skin. Curious what is the most effective substance for skin health? It’s a small green, pulpy, juicy fruit, with healing and medicinal properties, highly regarded in Ayurveda. Yes, we are talking about amla, also known as gooseberry. Ayurveda strongly recommends consuming amla daily for its numerous benefits. It improves skin, hair, immunity, metabolism, and longevity. With the proper understanding of Ayurveda (The Science of Life), BIOAYURVEDA, one of the biggest Ayurvedic brands, has formulated Amla Capsules, with the essence and the purest extracts of amla. With containing powerful anti-o

Mud Face Pack: The Most Effective Natural Remedy for Skin

Mud packs have been used worldwide and especially by Indian sub-continent people for ages. The mud face pack is the ancient beauty secret that has been passed from one generation to another. The mud face pack is an effective remedy for almost all skin related problems and it has been used as a skincare arsenal for centuries to keep the skin healthy and treating all sorts of skin problems. What is Mud Pack? Mud pack or mud mask is acknowledged as the best secret of looking radiant. It is a smooth or thick pasted mask used to clean or smoothen the face. Mud or clay, consists of hummus or minerals, is used for a mud mask. Mud mask contains vitamins, minerals, fruit extracts (such as cactus and cucumber) and several other natural ingredients and nutrients are being added such as aloe vera, honey, jojoba oil, and witch hazel to increase its efficiency to soothe and heal the skin. Different kinds of mud or clay masks are used for different purposes. Some are used to deep cleans